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this one's for aubs

Mar. 3., 2009 | 11:07 pm

 dear LJ,

it's been a long time. 

these days i'm struggling to understand how my struggle to understand why psychiatry is so painful for me can tell me something about who i am. if that makes sense. it's weird, i'm super interested, but it's so insanely painful. and it's not painful because it's sadder than any other illness. shit! other illnesses make even less sense to me! e.g. why someone's life should randomly be over because they happen to have childhood/young adult cancer that they had no control over. damn. it just doesn't make any sense.

maybe i'm struggling with myself. maybe i'm admitting to myself that some of my patients just drive me totally up the wall because of their illness... and that that makes me a bad person. maybe i'm annoyed at the general culture of psychiatry, because they seem to take no responsibility for the medical part, even though they ARE medical doctors. instead they get the medical students to do that part.

i'm kind of kidding though. it's 100% true, but i also wanted something dramatic to say for my first LJ post in years. i'm not really in crisis.

so...  i've more or less put my life on hold for the past 3 years. (is that really true?) it makes me want to do something crazy. something totally nuts. like go on a dissociative fugue and set up a new identity for myself somewhere in the caribbean. or get pregnant the second i can get maternity leave. heh heh heh. or (even more crazy) keep going, don't drop out of school, do my residency, try not to spend any money and pay back my 1000's of $$'s to OSAP in under 5 years, and then get a job and save money and do what i'm kind of more or less supposed to.

or i could devote more time to the guitar! yes!

sincerely yours,

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Nov. 30., 2006 | 06:48 pm

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medical student protest

Nov. 29., 2006 | 02:25 pm

sounds like an oxymoron eh? medical students protesting.... impossible!  well - i saw it.  it was really interesting. at first people were afraid to chant anything... like they all had the impression they might be doing something wrong if they were too loud... even most of the organizers had never been to a protest in their lives.  for anything.

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first GAYMDS event!

Okt. 30., 2006 | 07:11 pm

Hey interfriends,

So... As ya'all probably know, I started this queer club for medical and dental students because i felt ridiculously isolated and a wanted people to help me try to raise awareness of queer health needs and issues among to-be-doctors... many of whom - trust me - won't get it any other way. / I also want to change the curriculum which is shitty.

We're screening C.R.A.Z.Y. to try to get people to come out on next Monday at 3:45 in the Medical McIntyre building. If anyone has any related queer event announcements I should make or any suggestions for things we should definitely do, please help and email me! Or if any Queer McGill UGE OUTLAW or other folks want to come (at least for the beginning to chat a bit) I'd like that too.

Or anything really. I haven't set the room yet, but hopefully that'll happen tomorrow.

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Okt. 5., 2006 | 11:53 am

1) i'm going to ottawa probably on friday night. anyone going then? want to drive me? bus with me?
2) also, my family is planning some kind of football in the park party sunday afternoon (4:30pm?). and anyone who will be in town is invited. this kind of intergenerational sporting event should not be missed. bring your parents and grandparents.

in other news... i had a nurse-doctor event, and wished miranda and i were at the same school. we looked at/pulled out people's lungs, and they were all different colours, depending how much they smoked. (my dude only had one- poor guy) and... no one wants to join my gay club. so maybe i should just have a mcgill-medicine-sponsored party for my gay friends. anyone interested?

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what do you think?

Sep. 15., 2006 | 06:37 pm

so... the deadline to start a medical students' club is today... what do you think of the title?

McGill Medical Students’ Organization for GLBTQ and AllYs

any better ideas?

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(intet emne)

Jul. 20., 2006 | 05:37 pm

on campus i've been seeing some funny things. like a lady walking a rabbit on a cute little leash, a man eating a can or tuna with a fork (at second cup), and a woman (my age) with a shirt saying, "future yummy mummy". is motherhood a new trendy fetish? oh mcgill.

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Robert's Lake, north of Campbell River

Jun. 13., 2006 | 10:44 pm

So these are the folks I've been spending some time with recently. Left to right, there's me (showing too much skin?), On Lee (San Franciscan, really good at frisbee), Dan (professor in Austin texas), Andrew (my ridiculous and childish supervisor), Anne-Cath (Swiss, likes cooking and horses), Dani (Swiss, likes butterflies and grasshoppers and everything) and JS (from St. Cesaire? how do you spell that anyway?) Sadly Tania is not in the picture. She's a REAL texan.

In any case, I spent some time with them. They're nice. Bear pics will follow.

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U of T? Yes or no?

Maj. 20., 2006 | 04:33 pm

hey everyone,

i might be moving to toronto next year. if i can figure out how to long-distance fill-in the acceptance forms with julia's help, that is.

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With the words 'I love you' rolling off my tongue

Maj. 12., 2006 | 09:13 pm

Yeah the roadtrip was pretty great. Then, at the end of it, we (me, JS, AC, and Dani) stayed with hippies. Ridiculous! They were such intense hippiesd that they even had Tibetan monks to go with their prayer flags! I'm so fucking serious. I met them. The monks, that is. And I ate the monks' groceries because they eventually got on a plane and left a lot of them.

Then, saw Miranda. We watched the new Lara Croft movie. Fucking amazing. Then... drove up the island. Actually, the swiss couple had to follow our suburban (in their suburban... hahaha) because they didn't know where they were going, right? So I made them follow me into a Dairy Queen drivethru in Courtney. Which really confused them, but I thought it was funny. They ordered a small cone with blueberries - eventually... which didn't exist.

So, now I"m in Port McNeill and it's kind of like I never left. The biggest highlight I've had so far, was the impromptu Rod Stewart singalong I had with two loggers... well, actually one master mechanic for WFP and one truck driver. Hilarious.

Apart from that, I've seen a lot A LOT of animals. And been really miserably cold so that I thought i was going to die.

But I miss Montreal. Isn't that always the way? Have fun tomorrow - all y'all, riding those unicorns.

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